Williams & Dunnigan

Associates in Counseling & Consulting, L.L.C.


Williams & Dunnigan 
    Associates in Counseling & Consulting, LLC 
         2750 First Avenue NE, Suite 100, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402


A place to take care of you, your relationships, and your business


Professional Growth

~ A silent business partner committed to your success.

~ A consultant to help you identify and reach your most important professional goals.

~ An experienced human relations person to help you with the "human side" of business.

~ A motivator to keep you moving toward greater success.



Personal Growth

~ A place to nourish your soul, to enhance your emotional health, to explore your hopes and dreams.  

~ A place of hope where a therapist gently guides you back to who you really are.  

~ A place to set goals and find ways to realize those goals.