Bonnie K. Williams, MSW,PhD

Licen​sed Independent Social Worker,

Licensed Marital and Family Therapist

​​​Bonnie is an executive and life coach who helps people identify and reach their most important personal and professional goals; a consultant who works with the human side of business; and a therapist who counsels individuals (typically age 16 or older), couples, and families regarding depression, anxiety, stress, loss/grief, life transitions, and relationship issues.  She is certified to administer Real Colors temperament inventories and is trained in using clinical hypnosis for stress and anxiety management.  Additionally, Bonnie has training and experience in working with families of great wealth.

Her clients find that Bonnie's warm style, practical approach, and gentle sense of humor facilitate their growth and change.   Bonnie sees counseling as a process of gently leading a person back to who s/he really is.  In her coaching, she functions as a silent business partner whose goal is to foster the client's success.  In her business consulting, she is a pragmatic problem-solver who collaborates with those in management to reach the goals they identify.

Bonnie's undergraduate degrees are in English and speech, and her graduate degrees are a Master's Degree in Social Work and a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Counseling and Human Development.  Bonnie has taught graduate students in the School of Social Work and the Department of Counselor Education at the University of Iowa.  Prior to opening her own practice, she worked several years at a private counseling agency in Cedar Rapids, IA.

If you wish to talk with Bonnie, please call her at 319-364-5106. She is currently accepting new coaching and business consulting clients, as well as new counseling clients who are 16 or older.