​​​Tara Cruise is a Licensed Marital and Family Therapist who is accepting new clients at this time.  She works at Williams & Dunnigan on Fridays.  If you wish to contact her, please call 319-364-8741.

Tara believes people need to be seen, heard, and understood compassionately in their life experiences.  She sees her role in counseling as more than just listening, but rather building a process with people that allows them to take esteem, skill, and compassion into their relationships with self and others.  She works to help you first unburden and process any historical traumas, recurring intrusive thoughts, anxieties, depressive symptoms, and/or active manifestations of self harm.  Then a person will learn what works for him/her in session to best regulate emotional experiences during times of acute stress or ongoing difficulties.

Tara therapeutically treats the following:  Professional men and women with strong self-critical narratives, individuals who have been or currently are in abusive relationships, individuals struggling with self-harm (cutting; binge/purge cycles; addictions to drugs, alcohol, or pornography), anyone with difficulty regulating emotions, relational infidelity and healing thereafter.

Tara says, "We will be a great fit if you are looking for safety, growth, esteem in self, and healing.  Bring your honesty and plan on an integration of what you learn in session into life."

Licensed Marital and Family Therapist

Tara Cruise, M.A.